Kevin Yuqi Wang, MD


Medical School: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – Baltimore, MD


Preliminary Internal Medicine: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital – Santa Barbara, CA


Diagnostic Radiology: Baylor College of Medicine – Chief Resident – Houston, TX


Neuroradiology Fellowship: Stanford University Hospital and Clinics – Palo Alto, CA

Board Certification

American Board of Radiology

Publications & Presentations
  • T Hui H, Tang YG, Zhu L, Khoury N, Hui Z, Wang KY, Perfetti R, Go VLW. Glucagon like peptide-1-directed human embryonic stem cells differentiation into insulin-producing cells via hedgehog, cAMP, and PI3K pathways. Pancreas. Apr 2010;39(3):315-322.
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Distinctions & Awards
  • RSNA-ARRS Introduction to Academic Radiology Award
  • RSNA Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award
  • AUR-ACR Research Scholar Award
  • ACR Radiology Leadership Institute Leadership Summit Scholarship
  • ACR E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety
  • ACR James M. Moorefield, MD, Fellowship in Economics and Health Policy
  • TRS Guiberteau Award for Resident Excellence Honoree
  • TRS 106th Annual Meeting Audience Favorite Poster
  • AOA Honor Medical Society, BCM Beta Chapter
  • BCM Department of Radiology Honorary Medical Physicist
  • BCM Department of Radiology Naresh Prasad Scholar Award
  • BCM Department of Radiology Program Director’s Award
  • BCM Center for Professionalism Power of Professionalism Award
Personal Interests

In his free time, Dr. Wang enjoys taking in the many different offerings of Southern California.